Well, we've had a little break from performing in August.  Our daughter Azure & Hal's son Skyler are starting their first year of college and there is a lot to getting them moved in and settled!  Not to mention waiting for the impending departure which I found pretty brutal...  Jon & Gina have begun a huge project remodeling their home, you all know how that is...  I think that everyone is adjusting to the new routine (and "empty nest") and Rock Ridge is gearing up for a busy September & October with performances every weekend.  We are very much looking forward to seeing bluegrass friends at the Eagle Lakes Bluegrass Festival in Tracy, Jake's Brown Barn & the CBA campout which we will be playing at.  Hope everyone had a great summer aside from missing Strawberry, enduring smokey conditions & waiting/hoping that the fire will end and that the fire fighters will be safe.  Happy Fall!

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